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Become a Chef

We are looking for 100 men to join us in hosting this fantastic event to help support the children of Elkhart. Cooking experience is not required. This is a fundraiser in which you will be asked to garner tips (donations) from your friends, family and colleagues which will all benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of Elkhart County’s Elkhart Clubhouse. We will provide you with your own web page and other tools with which your supporters can easily tip you online or offline before the event. As one of our 100 chefs, your responsibility will be to prepare your best or favorite dish (hot or cold) at home and bring it to the event to share with our guests. You only need to prepare around 100 sample size servings. We ask you to attend the event to serve your dish at your chef station which you can decorate if you wish to further enhance your tip chances. There will be chef meetings prior to the event for you to learn all you need to know about the food prep and serving. We promise it’s easy! We hope you will consider this request and accept our invitation. To sign up, simply fill out the contact form below or contact Lindsay Saunders by phone at (312) 257-7895 or by email - Thank you for your consideration – we’d love to include you in our event!